Spatial Data Management

GeolinQ as a Service (GaaS)

GeolinQ is available as a hosted production environment. We take care of the hosting of the GeolinQ application, the underlying PostgreSQL database, back-ups, software updates and support. The hosted production environment features:

  • An unlimited number of users: The Small, Medium and Large options have a dedicated VPS with full GeolinQ functionality.
  • Data safety, secured and certified environment: Every four hours a backup is made and stored for a month.
  • Multi tenancy: The Small Medium and Large options offfer functionality to define multiple tenants where every tenant has its own user management, data models and datasets functionality in GeolinQ.

GeolinQ hosted subscription can be cancelled after a month notice, making it very economic to use GeolinQ for single projects. The GaaS start option is ideal to start with GeolinQ.

Solution Tenants SSD Storage CPU Memory Price per month
Start 1 10 Gb Shared Shared € 395,00
Small Max.3 120 Gb 4 Cores 8 Gb € 975,00
Medium Max.5 480 Gb 4 Cores 8 Gb € 1.850,00
Large Max.10 1.280 Gb 8 Cores 64 Gb € 3.450,00
All prices are exclusive VAT

Tailor made hosting solutions are available on request.

Hosting partner

Tilaa is our hosting partner. The Tilaa hosting facilities are directly connected to two of the world's largest internet exchanges (AMS-IX and NL-IX) to guarantee the highest uptime and performance possible. Tilaa is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO/IEC 9001:2008 certified to ensure security and process quality. As the ownership and location of our hosting partner is in the Netherlands the Patriot Act is not applicable.