Spatial Data Management

Application services

GeolinQ offers configurable application services enabling end-users to collect and distribute data. For multiple end user groups, like a project or customer group, applications can be configure were application screen and map screens are available for each specific user group. The application service can be used on any device via a web browser. The user interface appearance can be adjusted for each portal by adding the organization’s specific color scheme and logo.

An application service possibly consists of a combination of multiple application and map screens. When for example using map screens the scale of the map and multiple map layers including styles and color scales can be defined. In addition there are options available to offer end-users the flexibility to add sketch layers and additional WM(TS) layers. Application screens can be made publically available or protected by a username/password. In addition it is an option to include permissions to end-users to add or change attributes and geometries.

Applications services enables organizations to configure and publish multiple user group specific applications. Application services and screens, based on datasets and screens can be configured and made available within minutes. Up-to-date data is directly available in the application service or the end-user.