Spatial Data Management


INSPIRE is an European program to harmonize governmental data sets in all European States. Agreements concerning the data model, availability and quality are made for data themes. The ultimate goal is to make the data comparable from one European state to another. The agreed themes vary from topographic and cadastral data to biodiversity, marine and atmospheric data. For more information visit:

INSPIRE using GeolinQ

GeolinQ offers a configured data model configuration to harvest the 34 themes INSPIRE data model themes. The data model configuration makes direct use of the XML data schemes offered by the INSPIRE program of the European Commission. ( This way a correct and up-to-data data model is guaranteed. The model can be used to validate the data themes as a data source. In addition data providers to INSPIRE are also able to use the model as a base to link their data sources to the INSPIRE themes. This enables organizations to fully automate the data providing process.