Spatial Data Management

ISO19115 Metadata model

Metadata describes the characteristics of a collection of data. Metadata gives a contextual meaning of the data needed to interpret the data. ISO19115 is the international metadata standard for geographic data. The standard offers some mandatory elements and many optional elements resulting in more than 400 possible elements to define metadata. Geonovum, the standardization authority for geographic data in the Netherlands, issued a Dutch profile of ISO19115 for common use. The profile can be extended for branch specific elements. 

ISO 19115 Dutch profile as a configured metadata model

A configured metadata model based on the Dutch profile of ISO19115 is available for GeolinQ users. All mandatory and optional elements described in this profile are available after importing the model into GeolinQ. Using the profile not only the geographic metadata standards for the Netherlands are met but also the metadata standards for many international standards like INSPIRE. The metadata model can easily be extended by configuring additional metadata elements. 

More information on working with the ISO19115 datasource can be found via (Dutch only) ISO19115 tutorial on GeolinQ support.